Going out.

Its been a week.  All I have done is work and school.   I haven’t put make up on in who knows how long, I haven’t worn civilian clothes.  Accepting that I am now single is still a hard thought, but this will be the first time I will see friends in a while.  Putting all my feelings aside, I need to enjoy the comfort of them.

Today I am getting my hair cut.  I have been trying to grow it out.. but I feel like the more stress I have been given the more is falling out.   I weighed my self..again.   dropped another 2 pounds.   I am not that concerned,  in fact I think its to be expected.   I will take time to do my make up today.   I will wear something nice and treat myself to a coffee somewhere.   I will surround myself with positive people tonight cause that’s all I have.   I am greatful for them to be in my life even if its consumed with work full time and school full time and miss kitty who is currently running from the bath tub to the living room window all the time.

I will not cry today.  I am going out.


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