Good morning.

Today I will take you through my daily day.

Lately I am waking up at 8:30am, typically before the alarm goes off.  I get up.  Feed Miss Kitty.   I pick up her bowl set it on the washer and put 3 table spoons of her kibble in it.   I take her food and just around the corner next to her fountain,  I put my right hand out an arms length away.    She immediately nuzzles my hand and waits for me to set down her bowl.   She then sits and waits till I tell her “ok”.    I browse the internet for about an hour.   I consider coffee, but I don’t do it.   I grab my propel water instead.    I don’t eat breakfast,  but instead consider going to the gym.   I still don’t do it.   If mornings keep coming easy like this, then I could do it.

Lately I up get ready for work and leave 30 mins prior for possible traffic on the highway.  I am at work at 10am till 4pm.   I get home about 4:20 depending on traffic.   I feed miss kitty again and get ready for class.   I leave for class about 5pm to get there at 5:20pm.   From there I work till 11pm.   Coming home I am exhausted.   I am greeted sometimes by Miss Kitty.   I take a deep breathe and work out in my head that I am ok.   I take my uniform off, I shower do some homework in bed and around 1:30-2am I am going to sleep.    My text book lives in my bed, I still have my suitcase on my bed and my laptop plays something to make me feel not alone.

Friday I am forcing myself to see people after my 9:30 class ends.  This visit will be me learning how to play an instrument.   I impulsively bought a ukulele.  I miss the live music in my home.  My friend is extremely excited to teach me,  I started making a list of songs I want to learn and though I don’t sing, I will.  Saturday I pull 10 hour shift.  I don’t know if I will be working Sunday, other wise that is 8 days in a row of working.  I don’t like this.  I wish I could go out an experience life.  The sacrifice I make to keep this roof above my head, experience in my field and networking for when I move out of NC.  No matter what happens, I am leaving NC.  I am going to leave out west.

My motivations have changed,  Its not much now, but it could be just enough.



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