Cigars and Music

I’m about to take a shower,  Put a face of make up on and soon go to class.    After class, I go straight to Havanna’s.    Its my hole in the wall and one of the last places will allow you smoke indoors.   I am meeting my friend and his wife,  they have been bugging to see me.    This friend is going to check out my new instrument..

I really need to name this bad boy.   Eugene?  Bernard?   Nothing has hit me yet.

There will be darts thrown, maybe even my first lesson in music.   Either way.  It will be good to get out.   I haven’t been Downtown in a awhile.

Today at work, I managed to eat a little more starch.  A few slices of pineapple and 3 ounce salad.    I am feeling ok.   I work with a bunch of good people.    They are on the Kooky side of things, but good none the less.  My partner at work got me dino socks.   Its nice to have a girl share my passion for dinosaurs.  I managed to laugh a lot today.  A weight has kinda lifted and I can still feel little silver lining, a little joy.   The guys are crude and crass but goof balls.   You never know what they are going to say.  I haven’t been there that long, but they been looking out for me.

I work for a NHL Team.   It’s becoming one of my favorite jobs.   I enjoy my work and I am pretty good at it.   Typically this is a seasonal job depending on well the hockey team does and if they go into the play offs or not.   When the summer starts there are typically less events are scheduled.   It doesn’t help with the HB2 bill cause a lot of negatives and a bunch of performers canceling their tour to NC.   However the Head Chef has specifically requested me to work with him in the summer, so I don’t have to worry about a second job on top of my shackled life.  I overall plan to use my sports reference to get a job working for the Mariners or Seahawks, or Seattle Metropolitans.  Athletes need to eat.

I am lucky in that regard that I may have opened an opportunity with this.  I have upgraded from the anxiety of one minute at a time to survive to looking at it at one hour at at time.  My soul still hurts.   I still miss him.

But its me, myself and I.  (and Miss Eleanor Rigby Kitty)


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