My new baby.

My new baby is the Uku.   He is a Lohanu.   A soprano ukulele.  He fits snuggly in my arms and I am learning how to tune him.  He does not have a name yet.   But I think all instruments should.   I named my clarinet in the 6th grade Sheila.   She was high strong and squeaky, but we got along till it was time to part with at the end of the 8th grade.

I told a couple of people that I splurged, and they said  that I should write songs and shit.  I need to learn how to play first though.. right?   And plus,  my songs with be next to Adele’s wrist slitting, kill me now; my life is done type of sad.   Not something I need to share musically also when I let loose on here for anyone to read on their free will.   Maybe one day, but I just want to learn some covers of some favorites and some emotionally charged ones that would do just as much justice and self therapy.   I have never used music like an outlet before, and though I do sing to myself I can’t sing in front of people.   I am pretty sure my voice is permanently out of tune.   I am a work in progress.


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