Charles Cooley

Looking Glass

“Cooley´s concept of the looking glass self, states that a person’s self grows out of a person´s social interactions with others. The view of ourselves comes from the contemplation of personal qualities and impressions of how others perceive us. Actually, how we see ourselves does not come from who we really are, but rather from how we believe others see us.”


This was a topic in Class, this week.   It has hit a home button for me and shed some light on issues.  I think its an interesting read.   I have been talking to a bunch of people lately, trying to understand myself more.  How do I change my persona to fit to theirs, and trying to understand the need for human inner action.  Although I have been living alone for a few weeks now.  And things have been on the slanted up.   I am progressing to get to my own goals.  But still just empty inside.    I have started canceling plans with friends,  I am feeling now that I shouldn’t have done so for the sake of my sanity.

I am hoping with some strings pulled I might be able to apply for the a catering position for the Seattle Seahawks.   Though not my home team… ever, its a start at something grand I and will be in the city.   Apparently though I was originally going to see about their NHL team,  the Arena is still in the process of getting approval to be built.   I was unaware that their original team ultimately got moved to Canada.   Which is dumb.     O-well.   So this would be a new team in development aswell sharing it with a new NBA team.

I have to get my food in the door somehow.


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