My first Lesson in Music and Life

My first Ukulele lesson was good.

My friend came to the apartment and brought me a book.   He gave me homework to do and reading.   I understand the tuning and some strumming.   I am learning the C chord, F and G.  The transitioning between them is going to be tricky.    It was relaxing and I was actually pretty happy with what I was doing.

My life revolving around work, school and mostly friends right now has been a increasing my levels of being positive.  I still feel extremely guarded of my heart.   I am afraid to even conceive a thought of putting myself out there that wasn’t a business transaction or even just trying to know someone.

After my lesson,  I went outside for the first time today.  The sun was warm on my face.   I could breathe today.    I went out and my energy drinks were on sale.  I can start my stock pile.   I got a little snack also from the store and a protein smoothy drink.    Its still no where near what I would be eating, but its something.  I keep telling myself that.    Its something,  Just a little more each day.

I need to focus,  I need to live.


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