Counting my blessings

I am beyond blessed with the people I meet in my life, there will always be the ones that comes and goes, leaving holes and scars behind. Nothing will compare to the ones that see the wounds and all they want to do is nurture you back to health and love you beyond any comprehension till you can accept yourself again.

I went out this past weekend.   I worked hard and I played harder.

I have met and kinda reunited with a few people in 2 days.  I have been out of the loop of friends sense the break up.   I focused on myself.   I went to class and work.  Tonight I went to a favorite bar of a group of mine that a band plays frequently.  I basically reconnected with the leader of it, then out of nowhere a weekender classmate caught me off guard and introduced himself out of the blue.  Then this;  this past week I was approached to grab a drink with a gentleman and I actually accepted it.  Who is this person I am becoming?  I have reached a certain level of calm this past week.  I know still deep down that I am not ready for anything.   I know I am not ready to trust, but it should not limit me from allowing others to see me.  Certain parts of me feels ruined but other parts of me is growing apart and branching out.   These branches are reaching for a brighter spot in the gloom and fog.   The roots though running deep only holds me up taller than before.

Whatever comes of this I don’t know,  I know right now that I am looking at my birthday dress hanging in front me looking like a sign of a new decade a new change, new freedom, new experiences and new friendships.   My blessings are hitting higher numbers.



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