The transitioning

My body and soul.  They are changing in ways that could only be positive.   The demon has fallen back into a dark alley, no longer can I see her.  She still lingers when I eat food or even have an uneasy feeling but it passes quickly when I am near a friend.   I no longer do things for others no matter how I much I want to be included in their lives.   I am focusing on me.    The people that want me, know me better and has allowed me to design a mapped out life for myself.   Some choices may change through out, but my journey only has one destination.   West.   I am not going to lie, I deep down hope someone will follow me, but understand that I am doing this for myself now and not holding back.   For someone to follow, I hope they keep in mind that this is a mutual thing.   They must be willing to try new experiences with me and though my life is work orientated they are by no mean leashed to me because I want to leave.   This journey will most likely be done alone and when the time comes I will have to accept it as I am only getting closer to my closure of this transition.   I want to be loved like any other person and I want to love someone enough to understand that there is no turning back.   I know myself, I know my goals, I know my desires.


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